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Name Your Party

Your birthday party should be full of non-stop funn. Besides the best music for all age groups & tastes we have ideas to get your crowd going. we know how to break the ice by entertaining as well as getting up your guests to "get down"!


Your anniversary party can be almost as important as your wedding was. You are renting a banquet hall & you want everything to be right. Why not have someone who cares how good your party is? We will meet with you and plan out all the details with you. We are also there if you need help acquiring any other services. We are a service oriented company & your special day means a lot to us.

At school parties we are completely professional. We are able to bring in extra lighting as well as having an eye on lyricsso you can relax. Wereally make the party hot because we are experienced. We work with parents & school officials to make sure they know which songs are OK for the airwaves & which ones may not be appropriate. We discuss at length every detail so that you feel complete confidence.

Remember the days? Want to know how much funn your reunion can be? At our consultation we will discuss all the things possible for an extraordinary time. Of course we will include music of your four years of school (for high school reunions,) along with favorites to bring the party to an exciting level. We will assist your professional photographer with your group photos & coordinate the evening events, too.


  Nelson and Ronald at McDonald's 

50th anniversary